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Angela spent over an hour talking passionately about how she was going to market our home and all of the things that she does in addition to putting the home on the MLS.

she was the only Realtor that I talked to that actually told me in detail what she was going to do other than put my home on the MLS and blah blah blah. I really liked the 4x more exposure on Trulia by featuring our home and the 7x more exposure on Zillow by doing the same thing. There were quite a few other things that I don't remember but she sold my home in six days with two offers and received more than list price. The entire process was very smooth and professional. Thanks Angela

Brent Soling

I tried to sell last year and I was unsuccessful so I decided to get some new opinions on what I should do.

I interviwed two agents when I was getting ready to sell my home the second time. Angela and the other top person in the area. I was very impressed with both and both she and Angela came up with similar values for our home. The problem was that Angela's value was with me doing three projects and the other Realtor told me that I did not have to do anything. My wife and I were leaning on going with the other Realtor and Angela asked if she could come over and go over a few things with us.

She pulled out the comparable homes that we had picked together when she first met with us and she asked us to look at the pictures. All of the things that Angela was telling us we should do were done on those homes.

She then asked us to think about the signs that we have seen in the area that were his and the signs that we have seen in the area that were hers. Then she asked us one really good question. she said "Do you want to list with the agent that has his signs go up, quickly have a sold sign and then the sign disappears or list with the agent that seems to have the signs up forever. It seemed really logical but we had never thought about it that way. I had always thought about how many signs I saw for the other agent. It made sense that the other agent was not doing more business than, it's that her signs stayed up much longer. We were convinced to list with Angela but we told him that we thought that our home would be able to sell without doing the things that Angela had suggested. she told us she would market our home like it was the best thing on the market. A month later our home had not sold. she told us we could do the things that she had suggested or drop the price to match the value.

Being a stubborn German, I did two of the things that Angela suggested but not the third. Three weeks later, Angela was talking to me about feedback. she told me that we were going to hurt ourselves unless we decided on one path or the other. Either finish the last project or drop the price before we were stale on the market.

I finished the last project, we went back on the market and sold three showings later. I tell my friends that it was just luck but I know different. Everything that Angela told us she was going to do, she did. Everything that Angela told us was going to happen when we first met with him happened. The price we would get for our home if we did the projects she said we needed to do, we got (once we did the project) she told us the truth and I am grateful that we listed with him and I would suggest that anyone selling a home interview him.

Frank Breden

Our single son lived in the area and we encouraged him to buy instead of renting.

He had little experience and we live states away. Angela Niece was exceptional in communicating with us and our son. How often does a 25 year old make this type of commitment? Joes communication, responsiveness and experience were a great fit. I would highly recommend his services.

Benda Lee

Angela responded very fast and was a very helpful guide through the purchasing process.

We were living in the extended stay and we wanted to be in a home. We signed on with Niece Team at the beginning of the month and closed on a new home by the end of the month. There were some minor repairs needed on the house that were successfully negotiated and made before purchase. Closing went smoothly and we were contacted shortly after closing to make sure everything was OK.

Laura Micheal

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