Fall Home Checklist

Dated: 10/14/2019

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The season is here!

It is time to start preparing your home for winter while the temperature outside is still bearable!

Let us help you with a this easy Home Fall Checklist Guide.

The Yard

  • #1 clean up the yard! Get the leaves off the ground- having a leave vaccuum can help especially if you have a very tree heavy yard.

  • If you need to cut down any trees or dead branches - do that right away to save some time with the leaves.

  • Make sure to close the pool or get the dock or boat in from the lake.

  • Remove any hoses from the outside spigots

  • Put away any mobile fire pit or clean up the permanent one.

Exterior of the House

  • Wash windows, screens and storm doors

  • Clean out the gutters

  • Sweep the chimney

  • Check any and all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Change thermostat if needed to be changed for winter

  • Check weather stripping and replace if needed

  • Replace outside lighting if needed

  • Inspect Roof

Interior of the House

  • Clear debris from downspout

  • Replace bulbs for lighting

  • Check vents

  • Prepare firewood

  • Check and service the furnace if needed

  • Replace air filters if needed


  • Declutter tools & hardware

  • Organize shelving

  • Sweep Floor

  • Get rid of any lingering trash/clutter

  • Get winter tools out- shovels/sleds/rakes

  • Store away any warm weather only tools

  • Check tires on vehicles

  • Check windshield/coolant levels and any other fluids

  • Prepare emergency car kits for the winter (blankets, flash lights etc.)


  • Empty and store planters for the winter

  • Sweep the porch/deck

  • Store outdoor rugs

  • Clean the grill and store if needed

  • Clean and store any patio furniture

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