3 Summer Window Box Ideas

Dated: 07/12/2019

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Although Summer is half way over- maybe you are still working on your outdoor projects?

Consider adding some color to the outside of your home by making some window boxes. Whether you are a green thumb or not planting flowers & greens can be therapeutic and rewarding!



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Petunias are a staple window box flower- coming in many different shades you can’t go wrong. They are a hardy flower so can withstand the blazing sun on a warm summer day.

Think about mixing in pansies, sweet alyssum or vinca vine for a fun and colorful platter!


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Vegetables can be a edible but colorful in your window planters. Cherry tomatoes & red pepper plants are a few known to do well in the box setting.


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Marigolds are nothing but bright & sunshiny! If that aura accurately describes your personality then its probably best you display them on your home windows as well. Marigolds are great with full sun and with proper upkeep can leave your home the most colorful in the neighborhood.

ENJOY exploring your new window box ideas and sprucing up your summer home curb appeal. Maintenance should be low for your boxes as long as you water, fertilize and clip dead bulbs as needed.

Don’t forget to send us pictures of your finished product- we love to see what you have come up with!

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