NEW Zero Down Down Payment Loans With No Income Limits

Dated: 01/12/2019

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Down Payment Assistance and First Time Buyer Loans

Do you make a lot of money and still need help with a down payment?  With the new Zero Down Programs from CBC you are in luck.

These programs available at DownPayment.Cool  (yes, I never new there was a .cool ending to website either but look at the url you are on now) which is a great place to start your down payment search.  As you enter information, the site searches for zero down loans, down payment assistance and down payment grants.  Once you are done, if the system has found down payment assistance that you can use, you get notified and one of their specialists will call , email  or text you so you can answer questions, learn how the programs you qualify for work and find out if you can do things to qualify for more.  Both repeat buyers and first time buyers can benefit from First Time Home Buyer Programs

In these days where everyone advertises as a down payment specialist, it is nice to know that at least one site is actually helping people get down payment assistance and not do a bait and switch.

They also have down payment assistance for buyers that are looking for homes over a million dollars which is unheard of in most circles.  

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